The soul cannot forgive until it
is restored to wholeness and health.
In the absence of love - how can one forgive?

With an abundance of love, starting with one's self,
forgiveness becomes a viable opportunity.
-Nancy Richards

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

Welcome to the February, 2008 edition of
The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse!

Whether you submitted a post, or you are taking the carnival for a spin in support of the cause, thank you for being a part of this community!

Quite a few new bloggers joined in this month. Welcome! All totaled, we received many wonderful submissions. I hope you are as moved by them as I am.

As always, please use caution when reading. Many of these posts may trigger.

Our first category in what I believe is the twenty-first edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is:


Mary's poems quite often touch the vulnerable little girl in me. Today, she shares a simple poem that speaks volumes about the lasting pain of childhood sexual abuse titled, The Past How it Makes Me Weep posted at Nippercat's Home. Thank you Mary, for sharing your brave voice.

Healing and Therapy

Faith Hoffen, of Hope for Coping with Traumatic Stress joins us with two posts straight from the heart. In her first, titled This is a Safe Place, Faith generously offers a safe, compassionate ear. For her second post, I Choose to Forgive, Faith says, "This post is about my choice to forgive, and struggle to heal." She makes it clear that forgiveness isn't about forgetting. It is all about her, and isn't a free pass for her abusers! Kudos for making it about what is best for you, Faith!

The next contribution is from Colleen, of Surviving by Grace. Colleen joins in with a beautiful, healing post titled, A Beloved Daughter. Like Colleen, I know many other survivors who "wince" at the phrase "God the Father." Thank you Colleen, for sharing the tender way in which you are healing this wound.

Little Sheep, of My (Sick and Ugly) Story, offers a gripping poem to our collection. She says Don't Call the Psychiatrist Yet "is a sorta poem, but i think it goes in healing and therapy more than poetry. i'm so glad i found the community of child abuse bloggers..." Welcome Little Sheep! We are glad you found us too.

JIP, from Life Spacings sent in a list of wise therapy guidelines that she learned the hard way - through experience, in her post, Top Ten Most Valuable Therapy Tips. Thanks for passing on these hard earned lessons!

In another wonderful post packed with helpful tips, Girl Anachronism, from the blog of the same name, presents, Some of the Things I do to Stay Grounded During Crisis. Wow! Great pictures. Great Ideas. Everyone should check these out! Way to take care of yourself GA!

Girl Anachronism, also offers another beautiful post titled, Creating a Safe Space. She says, "This post is the result of an art therapy assignment for which I was given a box in which to create a safe space." Again, her creativity is incredible!

Holly, from Woman Tribune, offers a DVD review from her perspective as a survivor in her post, DVD Review: Healing Sex. Holly said, "'Healing Sex' is an educational film that presents verbal and physical exercises to help establish trust and intimacy in relationships after trauma." Thank you Holly!

Mike McBride from Child Abuse Survivor, sent in a thought-provoking post titled, Outliers and Emotional Intelligence about the ability to successfully navigate life. I think this one will strike a cord with most survivors.

In my own post, Hope for the Future, I reach back to comfort and reassure the less-healed and more fearful me that she does indeed have a peaceful future to look forward to.


In order to protect the vulnerable and deal with injustice, every society must construct and understand the rules a community is to live by. Marcella Chester of abyss2hope, offers her debate over the definition of "consent" in her post No Clear Presence Of Non-Consent. Thank you for your powerful advocacy, Marcella!

In another post regarding "Non-Consent," Enola, from her blog of the same name, offers What I learned from Romance Novels. She said, "I hope that women everywhere will consider the effect that romance novels have on them, and on their children. It is amazing the things that young girls pick up from the books they read and the shows they watch. We, as parents, have an obligation to consider that. Now that I have both a son, and a daughter, I will be watching from more than one perspective." About her subsequent post, Raising a Son - a New Perspective, Enola says, "This is a follow-up to my first submission - looking at things from another viewpoint." Thank you, Enola for two great posts!

Our Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse founder, Marj aka Thriver, presents A Dissociative "Doh!" Marj said, "I am still caught quite off guard with some of the aftermath I deal with from my childhood abuse, trauma and subsequent dissociative disorder. What things resulting from your childhood trauma still sneak up and surprise you?" Great question Marj!

Survivor Stories

Mile 191 of Come into My Closet, joins us with The Rape - Trigger Warning!
She included her blog heading with her submission: come into my closet, come under my bed, where you'll find me hiding, the fear in my head. abuse in the past, now, where do i start, making my future, healing my heart. crushed, and broken, falling fast- needing comfort, make it last. There is a content warning before entering Mile 191's blog. If you are an abuse survivor - use caution when reading her post(s) as they may trigger. Thank you, Mile 191 for your bravery!

Advocacy and Awareness

This next submission breaks my heart. Again, use extreme caution when reading the following post. Ciara, at the newly formed blog, Abuse Angels..., submitted the story of Baby P, which is just one of many posts raising awareness about death by child abuse and assuring that these children's short, horrific lives are honored and not forgotten. Although the stories are horrendous, it is important to call attention to child abuse and encourage child protection!

In the News

Heart, from Women's Space, presents a disturbing news article titled: 43 Alaskan Native Americans File Suit Against Jesuits for Rape, Sexual Assault; Alaska was Catholic Church's Dumping Grounds for Rapist Priests. I ran the gambit of emotions reading this article from anger over this mind-boggling injustice, to compassion and encouragement for those who finally broke their silence after as many as sixty years.

I thought I'd follow up these stories by updating and encouraging the fight and the progress being made to protect our Nations children with: What's New at the National Association to Protect Children?

That wraps up this edition of The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse! My gratitude to Marj a.k.a Thriver for all of her promotion and for guiding me through the ins and outs of being a guest host! What an honor!

BTW, Marj sent me a message to include in this edition, she said:

"If you've participated in our carnival by submitting posts that have been published in our carnival editions, I'd like to invite you to take the next step and host an edition at your own blog in the future. It's easy. It's fun and you get to meet a lot of new bloggers. And I make sure to help you every step of the way. Think about it and leave me a comment at my blog if you are interested. Thanks!"

~ Thanks for sharing these great posts! All my best to everyone!


Marj aka Thriver said...

Hey, I thought you were going to e-mail me when you got this up. This looks like a fabulous carnival! Good work, Nancy! I'll go and get it listed over at BC dot com, then I'll take some of these posts for a "spin." :)

AbuseAndForgiveness said...


I sent you an email at 8:30 this morning. You didn't get it?

Marj aka Thriver said...

Ooops! I just found that e-mail in my junk mail folder. Donthca love technology? ;)

I got us listed over at BC dot com. The carnival will be up at the home page for a little while.

AbuseAndForgiveness said...

Like they say, "Can't live with it - Can't live without it!:)

Marcella Chester said...

Thanks for putting this edition together on such an important topic.

Beth Fehlbaum, Author said...

What a valuable resource you are providing for survivors. Thank you.
Beth Fehlbaum, author
Courage in Patience, a story of HOPE..
Ch. 1 is online!

Anonymous said...

This is great! It's the first time that I heard about the blog carnival and it's an amazing resource I've added it to my blog:

We're also looking for survivors of child sex abuse to add their stories and photographs for our book project. Visit for more details.

Thanks again!

AbuseAndForgiveness said...

You're Welcome Shannon!

I checked out your website and your blog. You have some wonderful resources. Great site; great project!

Kudos for your bravery!