The soul cannot forgive until it
is restored to wholeness and health.
In the absence of love - how can one forgive?

With an abundance of love, starting with one's self,
forgiveness becomes a viable opportunity.
-Nancy Richards

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton - Update

Tomorrow, I will be a guest on A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton. 

Wish me luck!


My thanks to Sallie for an enjoyable interview. Anyone interested in listening to a recording of our live interview can do so from the archives of "A FRESH START" with SALLIE FELTON.


seagrl said...

Hello, I am looking forward to you being on Sallie's show. My name is Lori and I have a long standing relationship problem which I spoke with Sallie about and she told me you would be on her show. My problem is with my adult daughter who is 26 and has done many "unforgivable" abusive things, and even though I always let her know she is still loved, I am met only with rejection at least each month. I can only hope that time will help but at this point, i need to break all ties with her, even if it means not seeing my grandchildren as she insists on disrespecting and actually thinking of ways to hurt me. I say , " enough is enough"

healandforgive said...

Dear Lori,

Thank you!

I agree that sometimes, we need to take some time to heal.

During my 14-year estrangement from my mother, our time apart afforded me the time to heal, deal with my hurt, anger, and the intensity of my emotions. I also learned to maintain clear, respectful boundaries in a manner that safeguarded my own well-being.

I wish you well on your healing journey.

Warm regards,